Unig-Vital® Chili & Ginger Active Gel

200 ml | Contains extracts of chili pepper, ginger and essential oils

Unig-Vital® Chili & Ginger Active-Gel with its unique combination of selected essential oils, extracts of chili pepper and ginger act invigorating, revitalizing and stimulating. After applying it creates a pleasant warming and has a soothing, relaxing and refreshing effect.

Unig-Vital® Chili & Ginger Active-Gel is well suited for a relaxing massage to loosen and relieve the slightly cramped body parts.

Unig-Vital® Chili & Ginger Active-Gel acts in two phases: Phase 1 (cooling), Phase 2 (warming).

For external use only! Not suitable for small children!

Skin compatibility dermatologically tested